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There are seldom patent solutions for real challenges, the following has proven itself to me: Courage is key.

Advice from others sometimes hits the mark and certainties are enormously important. But what is it really about for you? For me, it's about knowledge and connection; about finding something out together and strengthening our sense of community.

To be a little more concretely, this means the following: I listen to you very carefully and develop questions and impulses from this. Some of them are meant to amaze you and make you think. After all, it is about discovering and developing the unfamiliar for you.

I understand coaching as a task-related exchange of thoughts and feelings that becomes richer with mutually growing trust and thus actually even more accurate. I find it important to give you my undivided attention so that I can better understand what you are really about. And I think it is right that I explain my approach to you so that you can approach your possible steps and paths critically and clearly.

Honestly, I want you to walk out of each of our meetings with pretty much this impression: "Okay, that felt good now. I can do something with this, this has moved me forward. What of it can I implement immediately?"

I look forward to meeting you via video call, on a walk or in my counselling room in Berlin-Schöneberg. I work internationally with my clients, either in German or English.

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