About Me

I grew up on the Pacific coast of Southern California and in the Teutoburger Forest of East Westphalia. I studied analytical philosophy, English literature, political science and journalism and worked as a bookseller, art critic and professor of media theory and aesthetics.

Today I teach at universities in Berlin, Paderborn, Weimar and Milan, advise artists on portfolio, exhibition conception and career planning and, as a certified systemic coach, support people in professional and private issues.

These activities complement and stimulate each other time and again, precisely because they challenge me in a positive way. Believe me: the impostor syndrome irritates me, too - in the meantime I deal with it in a reasonably relaxed way.

Joking aside. In my experience, all work, including good coaching, is based on solid knowledge, well-thought-out preparation and the ability to approach the other person as a whole person in an appreciative and meaningful way. 

Trust comes from connection - and for me, connecting means: being in motion with each other.

Request without engagement

Find out about all the questions you have about the coaching process from me and arrange an initial conversation.

All enquiries will be treated confidentially of course.